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How Sawad bin Qarib became a Muslim

In the report given by Imam Baihaqi in his Hadith collection, Hadhrat Sawad bin Qarib stated: "In the period of ignorance or pre-Islamic period, I had friendship with a jinn who used to give me information about the future events which I used to tell the people. Many people had become my devotees and offered me the presents as information by him always proved true. One day, he came and awakened me when I was asleep and said: Get up and be conscious. If you possess some sense, know that a Prophet has come from the descendants of Lawa bin Ghalib. Then, the jinn recited a few verses which meant:

"I am surprised at those jinns who ride their camels and, getting restless, flee to Makkah for guidance. The jinns who embraced Islam are better than the unclean jinns. So, you should, also, look at that chief of Arabs and travel towards that chief of the Bani Hashim."

Sawad bin Qarib stated that, after hearing these couplets, I remained restless throughout the night. The second night, also, that jinn came and awakened me and recited the same couplets. The third night, also, this event took place. As the event happened for three nights continuously, the love of Islam settled in my heart and I reached Makkah for the Prophet (saw). As soon as the Prophet (saw) saw me, he said: "Welcome! O Sawad bin Qarib. I know what brings you here." I submitted: "O Apostle of Allah! I have composed some couplets praising you. Please, first listen to these couplets." Being permitted by the Prophet (saw) Sawad recited his poem praising the Prophet (saw). The last couplet of this poem is:

"O Prophet of Allah! please, intercede for my forgiveness on the day when nobody will intercede and benefit for anyone."

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