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A Group of Jinns meet Prophet Muhammad

It is stated by Imam Baihaqi in "Dalail-e-Nubuwwat" on the authority of Hadhrat Abdullah ibn Masood (ra) that the Prophet (saw) once, said to his companions in Makkah: "Whosoever from amongst you desires to see the jinns, he should come to me tonight." Hadhrat Abdullah ibn Masood stated that nobody except me came that night. The Prophet (saw) took me with him to a high hill in Makkah. He drew a circle with his foot for me and advised me to keep sitting within that circle. Seating Hadhrat Abdullah ibn Masood within that circle, he advanced ahead and then stood at a place. There, he started recitation of the Holy Quran. All of a sudden a big group of jinns encircled the Prophet (saw) and that group stood as a wall between me and the Prophet (saw) and I heard the jinns saying: "Who gives evidence that you are the Prophet." There was a tree nearby. The Prophet (saw) observed: "Will you accept my claim if this tree gives the evidence?" The jinns said: "Yes, we shall accept it." On that, the Prophet (saw) called the tree. The tree came nearby and gave the evidence accordingly and all the jinns embraced Islam.

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