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The Names of Hell-Fire

"Truly Jahannam (the Hellfire) is lying in wait."
[an-Naba, 78: 21]

"By no means! For it is Latha (the fire of Hell) burning away right to the skull."
[Ma'arij, 70: 15-16]

(Crusher which Smashes or Breaks to Pieces):
"By no means! He will certainly be thrown into al-Hutamah. And what will make you understand what al-Hutamah is? It is the fire of Allah, kindled to a blaze, which mounts right to the hearts."
[al Humazah, 104: 4-7]

Sa'eer (the Burning Fire):
"a group in Paradise and a group in Sa'eer."
[ash-Shura, 42: 7]

"Soon will I cast him into Saqar. And what will explain to you what Saqar is? It permits nothing to endure and it leaves nothing alone, darkening and changing the color of man."
[al Muddaththir, 74: 26-29]

Al-Jaheem (The Fierce Fire):
"And al-Jaheem will be brought out before those straying in evil."
[ash-Shu'ara, 26: 91]

Al-Hawiyah (The Pit)
"But he whose scales are light - his home will be a pit. And what will make you understand what that is? (It is) a fire, blazing fiercely."
[al Qar'iah, 101: 8-11]

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