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Here is a small dictionary with meanings for some common Arabic words. You may search for a word using our search feature or browse the words by their first letters. We hope to include many more words in the future, insha-Allah.

Are you fluent in Arabic and English? Learn how you can help us build a helpful dictionary by submitting few words. Click here.

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We need your help

Do you know Arabic well? If so, take part in making an online, easy to use dictionary for those who would like to know few Arabic words. Here is what you do:

In a text file or Microsoft Word file, type up the words with their meanings in the following fashion:


Therefore, if the word begins with letter E, such as Eid ul Fitr, then type it up in the following way:

E>Eid ul Fitr>A major Islamic festival celebrated at the end of Ramadan.

Type the other words you know below each other in the same format. Send the file to and we will add your words after verification. Jazakallah Khairan for your help.

If you are confused about the format, then just send us the words with their meanings.